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Increase your productivity with no limits!

At TAG we know that for years our customers have been demanding new solutions to typical problems in the corrugated cardboard sector: paper tears, machine stoppage due to ejection problems, etc., requirements that have become even more urgent today given the need for a production process guaranteed to ensure 100% efficiency.

After a long period of development, and having listened to their concerns, we are proud to present our TOP products, A COMPLETELY INNOVATIVE, DIFFERENT AND IMPROVED range to satisfy the most exigent customers.

Recommended uses for the TOP range

Although the cutting dies and accessories in our new TOP range can be used for any kind of jobs, they offer the greatest benefits and differences in the following cases:

  • - Long and/or repetitive product runs.
  • - Complicated stripping: large amounts of waste in each sheet, complicated shapes, etc.
  • - Large-format machines where the lower stripping tool tends to bend.
  • - Works requiring high machine speeds.
  • - Problem cardboards: recycled, low quality, fragile, etc.
  • - Curved cardboard sheets

Consult us and discover how your productivity can increase with Troqueles TAG’s new TOP technology!